Gliding closer to nature than any other craft, you can canoe past a variety of indigenous plant species and animals residing amidst the network of Dalsland’s lakes and waterways.


Water Lilies

Keen botanists will discover an array of plant life surrounding the beaches and waterside, including the purple and yellow loosestrife, white water lobelia and water lilies, whilst orchids and ferns can be located in the lime rich inland soil. There are a number of protected plant species throughout the terrain, both delicate and fragile. Whether emerging on an embankment or budding on stony ground, please do not try to cultivate any plants yourself!


Bird watchers may see Heron, Woodcock, Osprey, Buzzard, Goldeneye, Goosander and Black-throated diver, but as bird sanctuaries are located throughout Dalsland, again we do ask that you respect these islands from a far.

Beaver are most commonly seen when the lakes are calm and still, but there are plenty of lodges to keep your eye on. Moose may be spotted lakeside drinking during dusk and dawn, whilst the cunning fox can be caught scavenging for food scraps in campsites, and roe deer generally enjoy grazing across arable land. Our guides are constantly on the lookout for anything that moves, and are always keen to point them out to you, whilst if you are lucky, you will hear the wolves in night chorus or locate the odd sunbathing cow…

Beaver Lodge

A fishing licence is required for the lakes and is available for about £5 per day for those wishing to try a little self-sufficiency on the trip, or to just indulge in a personal passion. Local species include eel, pike, bream, salmon, trout and perch and the open-air fire pit at any of the conservation card campsites is the ideal way to cook your gains.